The project “EU Performance at the United Nations General Assembly” (EUP@UNGA) examines the EU international performance in the UN General Assembly (UNGA) and other related fora (main Committees, Commissions, Working Groups, Conferences, etc). The aodption of Resolution 65/276 in May 2011 has changed considerably the EU institutional representation in the UNGA, broadening the scope and modalities of the EU intervention in the debates taking place in the UNGA, its subsidiary bodies and conferences held under its auspices.

The main research objective of the project is to identify the implications of Resolution 65/276 for the EU international role in the UN, especially in light of the hybrid, post-Lisbon Presidency system of the EU. In parallel to that, the project examines the intra-EU political and institutional consequences of these developments, in particular their impact on the inter-institutional balance in the EU foreign policy-making process. Both research axes contribute to the assessment of the EU international performance.